Meal Plan options 2021-22

At Missouri S&T, you’ll find your meal plans are convenient, flexible and loaded with options. Our meal plans are available to all students, so whether you live in the residence halls or off campus, you'll be able to eat how and when you want to at a variety of locations. 

Meal Plan 1: Declining Balance Dollars (DBDs) - $2820 per year

Features: 2820 DBDs per year
This meal plan is perfect for the Miner on the go. Just looking to grab a bite between class, but don't have the time to sit down? Your DBDs allows for flexibility between grabbing a bagel at Einsteins on your way to class, a coffee at Starbucks before studying, or even a meal at TJ if you have some unexpected down time. This meal plan is perfect for those who want the most options for their dollar. Note: If you do not change your meal plan but are required to have one, you will automatically be assigned Meal Plan 1.


Meal Plan 2: All Access (TJ Only) - $3840 per year

Features: Unlimited Swipes in TJ + 100 DBDs per year
This is the ultimate whenever meal plan for Miners who live in Thomas Jefferson. With the unlimited swipe meal plan, you can enjoy breakfast, lunch, dinner and every meal in between any day of the week without worrying about how many meals you have left. Note: Unlimited swipes can only be used at TJ Dining Hall


Meal Plan 3: 225 Meals - $3470 per year

Features: 225 meals per semester + 150 DBDs per year
This meal plan is great for the Miner who dines frequently on campus. Whether you like to eat dinner with your friends in TJ, or enjoy a full lunch in Havener between classes, this meal plan is perfect for those with a little more time to enjoy their food. 


Meal Plan 4: 150 Meals - $2980 per year

Features: 150 meals per semester + 280 DBDs per year
This meal plan is more for Miners who are looking  to pick up lunch and dinner through the week rather than every meal for every day. It's perfect for students who prefer to cook when they can or spend time away from campus, but want the added convenience of dining on campus.


Meal Plan 5: DECLINING BALANCE DOLLARS (DBDS) - $1990 per year

Features: 1990 DBDs per year
This is the meal plan for Miners who prefer to cook most of their meals, but still want the flexibility to eat a meal or two on campus. Whether you want to grab lunch on your way to class, or plan to study over dinner in Havener, this plan gives you the freedom to be independent while still giving you options. Note: Students living in Thomas Jefferson or Residential Commons are not eligible to select this plan unless they are 21+ or have junior status.


Dining Plan Information:

Declining balance dollars roll over from the fall to spring semester. Meals do expire at the end of each semester. Meal plans do not roll over from one academic year to another (spring to fall). 

*All rates are subject to change until approved by the Board of Curators

*All students living in university residence halls are required to have a meal plan with the exception of students living in apartment style halls (Rolla Suites, University Commons, or Miner Village) and who have reached junior status (60 hours) or are 21+. Eligibility for a full or partial meal plan depends on the building assignment. For full details, please review the residential life Terms and Conditions.