Honors - Residential Commons 2

Experience a unique blend of leadership development and community service in our honors living-learning community. Join a vibrant cohort of like-minded individuals and engage in impactful projects that empower you to lead with purpose. Elevate your college journey by making a difference, cultivating essential leadership skills, and leaving a lasting legacy in your community.


Members of the Honors Community can look forward to completing their Honors Seminar focused on the Student Leadership Challenge with their floor mates, as well as attending the annual Student Leadership Conference on campus.  Students will participate in at least one community service project whether on campus, in the community or through a Fall Break sponsored project outside of Rolla. 

The Honors Community will be housed in Residential Commons 2 (RC2).  RC2 offers double bedroom suite-style rooms with 4 persons sharing a suite and a bathroom between the two rooms.  More information on Residential Commons can be found here

Residential Commons 2 suites feature:

  • Suite-style room with split bathroom (one shower and sink, one toilet and sink) and common area
  • Each bedroom features an extra long twin bed, dresser, bookshelf, desk and chair per student
  • Mini-fridge
  • Cable streaming and 5g internet access

Double Suite

Bedroom 1 (Left Side) dimensions: 20'6" x 11'
Bedroom 2 (Right Side) Dimensions: 17'7" x 11'