Reapplication for S&T Students

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What is Reapplication?

Reapplication is the process by which residents reapply for housing for the following school year. It's an online process where residents choose their new roommates, rooms, and meal plans, as well as electronically sign their 2020-2021 housing agreement. Students reapplying have a variety of benefits including our scholarship program, ability to apply for their large group to be assigned early into University Commons, and ability to pick their room before other students. You can find information about all of these options and more below.

Residential Life will be offering select undergraduate students incentive scholarships for remaining in the residence halls during the 2020-2021 academic year.  Scholarships will be offered according to the following criteria:

  •  Students who have previously completed 4, 5, 6, or 7 semesters in the residence halls and have an estimated family contribution (EFC) of $0 will receive a $4000 award ($2000 each semester).
  •  Students who have previously completed 4, 5, 6, or 7 semesters in the residence halls, are Pell eligible, and have an estimated family contribution (EFC) greater than $0 will receive a $3000 award ($1500 each semester).

 Please note the following rules and conditions regarding these scholarships:

  • Should the housing agreement be cancelled and the student moves out of the residence hall prior to the conclusion of the semester, the full scholarship will be rescinded.
  • Students who receive discounted or no-cost housing (e.g. RAs), will not be eligible for these scholarships.
  • Scholarship dollars will be disbursed ten days prior to the first day of classes for the given semester if the student has an active housing agreement and room assignment for the semester and meets the criteria for a scholarship.
  • Summer terms do not count as a “semester” of residence.
  • A past semester will only count towards eligibility if the student lived in hosing for 50% or more of the semester.
  • Students who have lived in the residence halls less than 4 semesters or more than 7 semesters are not eligible for a scholarship.
  • The scholarship is available only to undergraduate students.
  • Students must be enrolled to receive this scholarship.
  • Students who qualify for a housing scholarship will see it autmatically applied to their account with no forms necessary.

During the 2020-2021 school year, students living in the residence halls who have completed 4 semesters living in the halls will receive reimbursement for a parking pass near their hall. Students who qualify will receive an email with further instructions on how to obtain their pass after reapplication concludes. 

The Honors Community is designed for students who are selected for Missouri S&T's Honors Academy. As part of the Honors learning community, you will live and develop connections with other students enrolled in the Honors program on campus. Students will live together on the fourth floor of University Commons and participate in shared programs, field trips, and social activities including:

  • Themed dinners or coffee/refreshment events hosted by faculty
  • Semester outings (e.g. Laser tag, mini-golf, etc) with the Dr. Cawlfield, Vice Provost for Academic Support
  • Regular community events
  • Honors themed incentive program aimed to promote personal development, social engagement, & academic focus
  • Priority selection for Residential Life study abroad experience


Please note that the timelines for reapplying to live in the Honors community is different from regular room sign-up. Students wishing to stay in the Honors Community but change rooms must email no later than March 2nd. Students wishing to stay in their same room will complete the Same Room process between March 3rd and March 6th.

We want to give students who are interested in living in an 8-person UC apartment (4 double rooms) with eight people the opportunity to fill those whole units early in the room selection process while there are still whole units available. Otherwise, apartments start to become partially filled with one or two people at a time, and it's hard to find a unit for a group of eight.

Groups of eight who fill out and submit the Large Group Application and UC Large Group Roster prior to March 2nd at noon will have the chance to be assigned together as a group to a fully open UC apartment. Residential Life will assign these students between the end of same room sign up, but before same complex sign up begins.

Timeline for Reapplication

Week of February 2
Watch for an email regarding the full reapplication process and deadlines.

February 4 - 16
Review deadlines and speak with your RA about any questions you have regarding reapplication.

Tours of Miner Village, Downtown Campus, and University Commons will be available. 

  • Wednesday 2/19/20 5pm to 8pm: Rolla Suites tours
  • Friday 2/21/20 5pm to 8pm: UC tours
  • Saturday 2/22/20  12pm to 3pm: MV tours

Students wishing to tour University Commons and Miner Village will meet at the hall's front desk. Students interested in touring Rolla Suites will meet at the South Rolla Suites office.

Students wishing to stay in the Honors Community but change rooms must email no later than March 2nd. Any students wishing to stay in their same room in the Honors Community will only need to complete the Same Room sign-up between March 3rd and March 6th.

UC 8 person priority applications and roster are due March 2nd at 12pm.

Students wishing to remain in their same room will go on-line between noon on March 3rd and 11:59pm on March 6th to choose their same room.

Students wishing to remain in their same complex in a different room will go on-line between noon on March 9th and 11:59pm on March 11th to pick their new room in the same complex.

Open sign-ups are available according to the following schedule:

90+ credit hours: anytime after noon on March 16 
60+ credit hours: anytime after noon on March 17 
30+ credit hours: anytime after noon on March 18 
Less than 30 credit hours: anytime after noon on March 19

Open sign up continues through April 12 for open spaces. After April 12, students who are not required to live on campus for the 2020-21 year will not be guaranteed housing though every effort will be made to house those requesting space.

How to Reapply

Before starting the reapplication process, we highly recommend reviewing your various housing options. Depending on your age, or the amount credit hours you've accumulated, your Living Options and Dining Options may differ from other students. Make sure you meet the requirements to avoid any issues with the room selection process by reviewing the new Residential Life Housing Policy.

Login to MyHousing using your Missouri S&T username and password and agree to the Terms and Conditions of the Residence Hall Contract under the Applications tab on the top menu. Select the term "2020 Housing Reapplication" when updating your preferences.

You may request up to 4 possible roommates/suitemates. If you plan to go through the same room process, you will not be able to request a different roommate because your current roommate has the opportunity to choose the same room. Decide ahead of time which roommate will log in to select the room as multiple people logging in at the same time who have requested one another as roommates may cause a problem with the MyHousing system.

Please note: Students participating in the Same Room sign-up will not be allowed to pick roommates to allow all students the opportunity to select their same room. 

Log into MyHousing on the time and date of the selection process for the building you wish to live in and the time for which you qualify.

Review your roommate selections. If you have selected a roommate that has not selected you (not mutual) you will need to de-select them prior to picking a room. Select "Fall 2020" before trying to select a room (it should default to this term). You will see "select room" or "select suite". If you choose "select suite" you will be able to choose any available bedroom in that suite or apartment. If you have roommate requests click on "select suite". Assign yourself and your roommates to your preferred beds.

After selecting your room, select the dining plan you would like to have for the 2020-21 academic year. You may continue to come back to this site to update your dining plan until August 1. You won't be able to select your dining plan prior to selecting a room because your eligibility for certain plans is connected to the building you will live in.


Housing and Dining Requirements

Undergraduates attending Missouri S&T who have not yet achieved 60 post high school credit hours, or who have not completed the equivalent of four full semester of academic work, are required to reside in university approved housing. For full details, review the 2020 Residential Life Housing Policy.

Please note: If you wish to apply to waive out of the above policy you will need to submit a Residency Policy Request for Housing Exemption form. This form must be turned into the Residential Life office, and can be found on our Resources and Forms page.

Who needs a meal plan?

  • Anyone living in Thomas Jefferson or Residential Commons is required to have a meal plan.
  • Anyone not a junior (60 credit hours) or above, or under 21 is also required to have a meal plan.  

Who doesn't need a meal plan?

  • Anyone living in Miner Village, University Commons, or Rolla Suites who is a Junior or older than 21 can choose to not have a meal plan.

Who can get Meal Plan 5?

  • Anyone living in Miner Village, University Commons, or Rolla Suites.
  • Anyone who is a Junior or older than 21 (no matter where they will be living)

Please Note: Students will NOT be able to move into the residence hall until proof of the meningitis vaccination has be received and evaluated by Student Health OR a request for a waiver has been submited and approved by Student Health.

Complete your meningitis requirement per Missouri State Law 754 section 174.335 - In order to live in university-approved housing, including fraternities, sororities, and Christian Campus House, a student must have received a meningococcal vaccine. Students who have a medical or religious issue and wish to seek an exemption of the requirement will need to apply for a waiver and have that application approved by Student Health Services. In order for a waiver to be granted, documentation must be submitted supporting the need for a waiver. For more information about the Meningococcal Meningitis policy and infections, please refer to Student Health. You may contact Student Health Services with any questions at or 573-341-4284.

Deadlines and fees

Date of application 


Before June 1st
June 1 - July 15 $200
July 16 - Opening Day (Fall) $400
After Opening Day $600 + pro-rated room and board charges             

Date of application 


Before December 1st
December 1 - 31 $200
January 1 - Opening Day (Spring) $400
After Opening Day $600 + pro-rated room and board charges                         

Have questions?

Have questions? Check out our Reapplication FAQ for additional details.

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