Camps and Group Reservations

From camps to conferences, we've got a variety of housing options to help you host the perfect event. Whether you're here for the summer experiences, hosting a group building workshop, or attending institutional conferences, our Residential Life department will work with you to ensure you have the perfect housing accommodations.


From small retreats to the whole team, we have a variety of rooms and housing options to make your group's stay feel like your home away from home. Enjoy a traditional community-style room in one of our TJ double rooms, or relax in your own private space in our RC single suites. In addition to your lodging, we have a variety of meeting spaces and amenities available to guests perfect for early morning meetings or late night socials. Check out your housing options below for more details.

Thomas Jefferson Hall is located on the north end of campus. These recently renovated high-rise towers house up to 830 guests. Rooms are a traditional community-style and share a common bathroom on the floor. All rooms are air-conditioned and each floor includes access to a full kitchen and lounge spaces with flat screen televisions and soft seating. The on-site dining hall was renovated in 2018, and includes great dining options and amenities to meet all of your needs. 

Thomas Jefferson is host to a collection of different amenities, including 24 hour desk services, a computer lab reservable by guests, coin-operated laundry facilities, vending machines, and a sand volleyball court located near the outdoor patio area perfect for evening activities. The hall also has recreational items such as board games, ping-pong equipment, and billiards sets available for check out at no additional cost.

Dining Center
Thomas Jefferson is home to the only residence hall dining center on campus. TJ’s dining hall is an all-you-care-to-eat location, offering a variety of hot entrées during each meal period along with various side items, salad bar and ice cream bar. Depending on the group size, additional dining options may be available, including a brick-oven pizza bar, home-style entrées and fire-grilled burgers. Alternative options are also available to those guests with allergy requirements.

Meeting Rooms and Lounge Space
Thomas Jefferson has several meeting rooms and lounges available for your group or event. The North Lounge offers a great place for guests to relax in an open area lounge complete with billards tables, a ping-pong table, foosball table, and a large screen television, while the South Lounge offers spacious room perfect for evening meetings, or the room can be divided into three sections for break-out sessions and other smaller group activities. Thomas Jefferson also has additional lounges located on each floor for evening events and relaxation. Please be sure to contact Judy Jacobs at 573-341-4218 or early to assess which spaces will best meet your needs.  Meeting space is available on a first-come, first-served basis and is not guaranteed without a group reservation form. 

Be sure to check out Thomas Jefferson online to see room details, photos and more.

Residential Commons is located to the northwest of campus.  The complex is divided into two buildings comprised of suite-style rooms, with a sizable grassy field perfect for outdoor evening activities. All rooms are air-conditioned and each floor includes access to a full kitchen and lounge spaces with flat screen televisions and soft seating. 

Residential Commons is host to a collection of different amenities, including a computer lab reservable by guests, coin-operated laundry facilities, and a nearby sand volleyball court and half-court basketball court. 

Meeting Rooms
The Residential Commons has a variety of meeting spaces available to suit your needs. The seminar room is located on the first floor of Residential Commons 1, and consists of two smaller rooms, each able to accommodate up to 30 individuals in a classroom-style set-up and includes access to a projector, white boards, and tables and chairs, or can be opened up for larger group discussions. In addition, Residential Commons 2 has a finished basement area ideal for large group meetings.  The space is open and can seat up to 150 guests in a theater-style arrangement, or may also be left unfurnished for social events or other activities necessitating an open or flexible space for meetings.

Be sure to check out Residential Commons online to see room details, photos, and more.

University Commons is located just west of Residential Commons. The complex is comprised of four- and eight-bed apartments. Each apartment has a living room, two bathrooms and full kitchen. These spaces are specifically reserved during the summer months for summer research groups. For additional details, please contact Judy Jacobs at 573-341-4218 or

University Commons is host to a collection of different amenities, including a computer lab reservable by guests, coin-operated laundry facilities, and a nearby sand volleyball court and half-court basketball court.

Meeting Rooms and Recreational Space

University Commons has a couple of spaces available for reservation to help with research projects. The first floor study lounge offers a great place for guests to relax in an closed lounge complete with a billards table, foosball table, and two large screen televisions in addition to a variety of chairs and tables. The first floor is also home to the multipurpose room complete with multiple tables and chairs, a projector system, whiteboard walls, and a ping-pong table. 

Be sure to check out University Commons online to see see room details, photos, and more.

Dining Services

Monday through Friday, guests may enjoy all-you-care-to-eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner buffet options in the Thomas Jefferson dining hall. Standard weekend service includes all-you-care-to-eat brunch and dinner service. Groups may request for a weekend breakfast option if needed. Participants will be issued a temporary meal card to be scanned at the dining facility.

Number of Diners 


1 - 75 Diners
76 - 150 Diners $23.70
151+ Diners $23.20

Meal Period


Lunch $8.90
Dinner $11.65
Brunch $11.65

The university's food service agreement allows groups staying in the residence halls to bring in snacks and food for special events and meetings, provided the total amount is not in excess of $125.  Events requiring food in excess of $125 should contact the Catering Office at

If your group is traveling and you’d like to request sack lunches, or if group leaders are hosting participants with food allergies, please contact 
Jennifer Perry with S&T Dining Services at 573-341-6471 or Sack lunches generally include a sandwich, chips, fruit, dessert, and drink.  Requests must be made 48 hours in advance.

Room Rates

If you're interested in staying with us, please review the current rates and policies below. Please note the rates are intended for summer groups only. Groups looking to stay in the halls during the fall or spring semesters should contact Judy Jacobs at 573-341-4218 or After reviewing the rates and policies, fill out the Group Reservation Form.

Double Rooms


1 - 75 Guests
76 - 150 Guests $16.25
151+ Guests $15.75


Single Rooms


1 - 75 Guests
76 - 150 Guests $25.00
151+ Guests $24.00

Room Type

Cost Per Person

Double $260.00
Single $315.00

Basic Double Rooms


1 - 75 Guests
76+ Guests $26.75


Deluxe double Rooms


1 - 75 Guests
76+ Guests $32.00


Single Guest Rooms


1 - 75 Guests
76+ Guests $40.00

Room Type

Cost Per Person

Basic Double $290.00
Double Deluxe $340.00
Single $430.00


Any camp or conference group predominantly consisting of minor guests (any group with 75% of participants under the age of 18) is required to have adequate adult supervision.  To determine adequate adult supervision, the following ratios are to be utilized:

  • Attendees ages 6 to 10 will need one supervisor per 10 participants
  • Attendees ages 11 to 15 will need one supervisor per 15 participants
  • Attendees ages 16+ will need one supervisor per 25 participants

Residential Life retains the right to approve supervisors.  If the supervisor is deemed to be inappropriate or fails to meet supervision expectations during camp activities, Residential Life will provide supervision at the rates noted below.


Supervision Requirements
If providing your own supervision, the camp or conference must meet the following standards:

  • Adult supervisors must be in the residence halls at any time there are minor guests in the hall.
  • Adult supervisors are responsible for the behavior of the minor guests at all times during their stay.
  • In addition to specific camps or conference policies, adult supervisors and camp/conference attendees must observe all residence hall policies listed in the Residence Hall Guide.

Any violation of the residence hall policies must be reported to the residence hall staff immediately.


Curfews have been designated to ensure safety of our minor guests.  Curfew means that campers must be on their designated floor between the hours set forth by their age range.  Camps may choose to make the evening curfew earlier.  Adult supervisors are responsible for ensuring campers honor curfew.  Exceptions may be made for camp/conference programs with approval from the Residential Life Department.

  • Attendees ages 6 to 15:  Curfew is between 10:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m.
  • Attendees ages 16+:  Curfew is between 11:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m.

All groups need to be aware that if problems arise with the group’s supervision, Residential Life reserves the right to notify the point of contact in addition to providing increased supervision to the camp at a rate of $10.00 per hour per each additional staff member. The additional supervision may be added to a camp between the hours of 7:00 p.m. until 7:00 a.m. and will be limited to the residence halls.


Point of Contact
Each camp is required to have a point of contact (in addition to supervisors) on site at check-in and check-out. Points of contact should expect to arrive at check-in and check-out at least 30 minutes prior to the event. In addition to being present for the group’s scheduled arrival and departure times, they will provide Residential Life staff with a schedule of events and their contact information. Points of contact are also responsible for making arrangements for any participants who will be arriving early or late as well as leaving early or staying late. Through the duration of a group’s stay, Residential Life will maintain this contact information in the event it is necessary to contact them. If the camp provides its own supervision, the point of contact is also responsible for overseeing the supervisors.

The Resident Director or his/her designee is responsible for assigning rooms prior to participant arrival. When submitting a participant roster, points of contact must include the first and last name of participants, the gender of each guest, and requested roommate pairings (if applicable). While not required, points of contact may choose to include any additional information that may be helpful in making room assignments (i.e. age, school, etc.).

While Residential Life prefers to pre-assign rooms as a means for maintaining an adequate level of key control, we recognize different groups have unique needs based on each camp or conference. Points of contact who wish to assign their own participants must coordinate this effort with the Resident Director assigned to his/her group.

Changes and Cancellations
If your group’s room, facility or dining needs change from the information provided on the reservation form (including group cancellations), please submit any changes in writing via email to Judy Jacobs ( no less than seven business days prior to your conference arrival.

Five business days prior to a group’s arrival, Residential Life will confirm guarantee numbers for each camp group. Groups will be accountable for charges for all guaranteed numbers.

Conference groups will be charged the cost of repairing or replacing any element of the residence hall facility damaged as a result of a group’s use, including lost keys.  Lost keys are defined as any keys not returned at the time of a group’s check-out.  Camp groups will be billed directly for damages; Residential Life is not responsible for billing individual students for lost keys or damages.

Room Key

Replacement Cost

Thomas Jefferson Key $120.00
Residential Commons Key $120.00 for room key/$240 for both room and suite/mailbox key

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