Returning Students

Already living in campus approved housing and ready to apply for next semester? Left for a co-op or internship, and need a place to live next semester? It's easy, convenient and all online! Just follow the steps below.

How to reapply for housing

Reapplication for current residents to choose a room for next year took place March 2 - April 6 and has now concluded. If you missed reapplication and still need housing you can fill out the application in the "returning to campus" section below. 

Depending on your age or the amount credit hours you've accumulated, your housing and dining options may differ from other students. Get ahead of the game by making sure you meet the requirements to avoid any issues with the room selection process. 

View our housing policy for more details

Returning to campus

If you are returning to the residence halls from anywhere outside of the halls (co-op, internship, approved university housing, etc.), you will simply need to fill out the Returning Student ApplicationThis form lets you select your housing, dining, and personal preferences for living in the halls. Your preferences will guide us in selecting the best placement for you. Fall applicants will receive their assignments in late June while spring applicants will receive theirs by January 1st.

Note: If you currently live in the residence halls, you do not need to complete this application unless you missed Reapplication Room Selection.

Housing and Dining Requirements

Undergraduates attending Missouri S&T who have not yet achieved junior status (60 credit hours), or who have not completed the equivalent of four full semester of academic work, are required to reside in university approved housing.

Exemptions: If you wish to apply to be exempt of the above policy you will need to submit an exemption rewuest form. This form must be turned into the Residential Life office, and can be found on our Forms and Publications page.

Who needs a meal plan?

  • Anyone living in Thomas Jefferson or Residential Commons is required to have a meal plan.
  • Anyone not a junior (60 credit hours) or above, or under 21 is also required to have a meal plan.  

Who doesn't need a meal plan?

  • Anyone living in Miner Village, University Commons, or Rolla Suites who is a Junior or 21+ can choose to not have a meal plan.

Who can get meal plan 5?

  • Anyone living in Miner Village, University Commons or Rolla Suites.
  • Anyone who is a Junior or 21+ (no matter where they will be living)


Please Note: Students will NOT be able to move into the residence hall until proof of the meningitis vaccination has be received and evaluated by Student Health OR a request for a waiver has been submited and approved by Student Health.

Complete your meningitis requirement per Missouri State Law 754 section 174.335 - In order to live in university-approved housing, including fraternities, sororities, and Christian Campus House, a student must have received a meningococcal vaccine. Students who have a medical or religious issue and wish to seek an exemption of the requirement will need to apply for a waiver and have that application approved by Student Health Services. In order for a waiver to be granted, documentation must be submitted supporting the need for a waiver. For more information about the Meningococcal Meningitis policy and infections, please refer to Student Health. You may contact Student Health Services with any questions at or 573-341-4284.

Cancelation Deadlines and fees

Date of 



Before June 1st
June 1 - July 15 $200
July 16 - Opening Day (Fall) $400
After Opening Day $600 + pro-rated room and board charges             

Date of 



Before December 1st
December 1 - 31 $200
January 1 - Opening Day (Spring) $400
After Opening Day $600 + pro-rated room and board charges                         

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