Meal Plans


Declining Balance Dollars Plan


 1. 2500 Declining Balance Dollars (DBDs)


Multi Swipe Plan


2. 300 Swipes + $200 DBDs


8. 160 Swipes + $300 DBDs


Meals Per Week Plans


3. 19 Meals Per Week + $120 DBDs


4. 15 Meals Per Week + $130 DBDs


5. 12 Meals Per Week + $300 DBDs


6. 10 Meals Per Week + $400 DBDs


7.   5 Meals Per Week + $300 DBDs


*Unless otherwise noted, all points and blocks are per year.

*Rates subject to approval of the Board of Curators

















Students living in TJ, RC, or Farrar(traditional rooms)

Any student may select plans 1-6. Juniors, Seniors, graduate students and those over the age of 21 may select plans 1-8. If a student fails to select a meal plan or fails to select a plan s/he is eligible for, Meal Plan 4 will be assigned.

Students living in Miner Village, Farrar Co-ops, Keller, Buehler, Sally, State or UC

Students living in these areas are eligible for meal plans 1-8. Juniors, Seniors, graduate students, and those over the age of 21 are not required to have a meal plan. If a student fails to select a meal plan or fails to select a meal plan s/he is eligible for, Meal Plan 4 will be assigned.
  • DBDs
  • Multi Swipe
  • Meals Per Week
  • DBDs Per Semester
  • Commuter/Faculty/Staff


Plan 1

With this plan, half the student's declining balance dollars (DBDs) are distributed each semester. The DBDs allow students to treat friends or family, purchase an extra dessert at a meal, or buy a coffee from the coffee shop. DBDs give students flexibility, and little need to carry cash. Your student ID acts like a check card when eating at dining facilities.


Multi Swipe

Plan 2 & 8

With this plan, half the student's meals are distributed throughout each semester. Any unused meals roll over from the fall semester to the spring semester, as long as the student has a current meal plan. Swipes are similar to meals per week but they are rolled over from week to week instead of lost. 

Meals Per Week

Plans 3-7

These meal plans offer lots of flexibility because students can eat at any of the dining locations. However, only one meal per meal period can be used, and unused meals don't roll over to the next week. Meals per week range from five to 19. The points are split in half per semester as well as the other plans. To get the best value with these plans, students should try to estimate how often they will eat at the Havener Center, residence halls, off campus, or home for weekends and holidays.

DBDs Per Semester




All Points Plan       Points Per Semester   Plan   DBDs Per Semester
1. $1805 Points   $902.50   1. 2500 DBDs   $1250.00
Multi Swipe Plan   Points Per Semester    2. 300 Swipes + $200 DBDs   $100.00 
2. 300 Swipes + $220 Points   $110.00   3. 19 Meals per week + $120 DBDs     $60.00
Meals Per Week Plans   Points Per Semester    4. 15 Meals per week + $130 DBDs   $65.00 
3. 19 Meals per week + $120 Points   $60.00   5. 12 Meals per week + $300 DBDs    $150.00 
4. 15 Meals per week + $130 Points   $65.00    6. 10 Meals per week + $400 DBDs   $200.00 
5. 12 Meals per week + $300 Points   $150.00    7.   5 Meals per week + $300 DBDs   $150.00 
6. 10 Meals per week + $400 Points   $200.00    8. 160 Swipes + $300 DBDs   $150.00 
7.   5 Meals per week + $300 Points   $150.00        



If you happen to live off-campus and are interested in a plan, stop by the Residential Life office. With several plans available to fit your lifestyle, an off-campus plan is a great option. Plans are billed to your student account for convenience and these plans give you the ability to stay on campus to eat instead of trying to find an alternative. Stop by our office and we can set you up with a Meal Plan Only Contract or email us at

Miner Bucks

Miner Bucks are run through our on-campus dining service, Chartwells. Miner Bucks operate the same way as points and they are accepted at all campus dining facilites. They are rechargeable so when your balance is low, you can stop by the Havener Center and reload your points through Chartwells. This is also a great alternative if you've used all your points but still want that little extra carry around cash.