Rules & Regulations

Residence Hall Guide

The Residence Hall Guide is Missouri S&T's official handbook for residential life housing. It includes all the rules and regulations for living in the residence halls, as well as important information about campus resources. The Residence Hall Guide is distributed to all students who live in the residence halls upon their arrival to campus. When students sign the residence hall contract, they acknowledge that they must comply with the policies, procedures and guidelines outlined in the Residence Hall Guide.  Residents are responsible for reading through the Residence Hall Guide to familiarize themselves with the information concerning residence hall living.

The Residence Hall Guide is updated the summer before each academic year and can be found under the Resources and Forms section. Check back in August for the updated Residence Hall Guide. Some information is subject to change.

Safety & Security


A student's room key allows them to gain access to the buildings in their complex after the doors are locked. If a student loses their room key, they must report the loss to the front desk immediately. The student will be issued a temporary key until the maintenance staff can change the room door core lock and issue new keys, a minimum charge of $60. The core replacement is a required procedure to keep all students and their possessions safe. Under no circumstances may a residence hall room key be duplicated.


It's advised that students keep their doors locked at all times, especially while sleeping. As well, creating a detailed, itemized list of all valuables in their room, including brand names, model/serial numbers and original receipts. If a student is a victim of theft, this information will help Missouri S&TPD identify their belongings if they are recovered. Missouri S&TPD has an engraver that can be checked out for student use to engrave information on valuable items.

Walking on Campus at Night

Students are always encouraged to walk with a friend on well lit, well-traveled paths. If a student is by themselves and needs to return to the halls, it is recommended to call a roommate or friends to walk with them. If a student feels they are in danger or something doesn't feel right, they can locate an Emergency Phone (located across campus and identifiable by the blue light) and call Missouri S&TPD and an officer will be dispatched to their location.

If for any reason a student feels the need for an escort from campus to their residence hall, they may call Campus Service Offices at 341-4300 and an officer will walk the student to/from any campus building or parking lot.

Fire Alarm

If the fire alarm goes off, all students must vacate the building immediately. During a fire alarm, students should put on shoes, wear weather-appropriate clothing and lock their door on the way out of the building. ALWAYS take the stairs; NEVER take the elevator. Students must follow directions of staff members during the fire alarm and may return to the hall only after receiving the "all clear" from hall staff and fire department officials.

Each month, at a designated time, the hall fire alarms are tested. During a test, students are not expected to evacuate the building.


If the tornado sirens are heard, students need to take cover immediately, staying away from windows, doors, outside walls and protecting their head. In the residence halls, the best protection is in the bathrooms, having no outside windows, in basements or in the hallways of lower floors. Do not leave these protected areas until the danger has passed. If possible, turn on a portable radio to obtain more information. As always, follow the instructions of the hall staff.


IF INDOORS: Students should stay indoors unless they are in immediate personal danger, take cover under a desk or table, or brace themselves in a doorway. Students should stay away from windows and protect themselves from objects that can fall or shatter.

IF OUTDOORS: Students that are outdoors in the event of an earthquake need to move to an open area away from overhead hazards: power lines, falling bricks, glass or trees. Students will need to stay away from buildings, stones, bricks, or other objects that could fall.

AFTER THE EARTHQUAKE: If significant damage is evident, students need to evacuate the building and go to the designated assembly area for their hall. Students should wear sturdy shoes to protect their feet from broken glass or other falling debris. For information, listen to a battery-powered radio. Do not use the elevators due to possible damage or aftershocks.