• Access MyHousing through the room selection website.
  • Use your username and password to login to the The Housing Director.



After logging into MyHousing, you will be presented with an overview screen similar to the sample pictured to the right. The overview page has four categories of information displayed specific to you, your housing records, and the selection timetables. This is information only – no updates are permitted to the data displayed here.

  • Home – This will display your personal information – Name, Student ID#, S&T e-mail address. When you first access this information, be sure to check it for accuracy. Your e-mail address will be used extensively and provided to your selected roommates.
  • Messages – Please note in you are in compliance with the new Meningitis Policy in this area. If not, review the requirements at
  • Room Assignments – This section will display your current and future room assignments including roommates and suitemates (if applicable).
  • Dining Plans – This section will display current and future meal plans.
  • Room Selection – The Room Selection process will display important dates and times for the room selection process. Most importantly will be your selection time during the room selection phases.


  • Select Applications from the top menu and take a few minutes to complete your 2016-17 academic year Housing Application.
  • This will give you a chance to read through the Terms and Conditions and fill out your personal preferences.
  • You will also be giving the opportunity to fill out your Missing Contact Information.
Doing this will assist us (and you) should a vacancy occur in your room or suite. By answering these questions, we will be better able to match you with a new roommate

Roommate Selections

  • In order to “pull-in” a roommate or roommates, you must pre-select your roommates prior to your selection process. All roommate requests must be mutual in order to go through the room selection process.
  • Begin by selecting Room Selection then Roommates/Suitemates on the top menu.
  • Make sure that “Fall 2016” is the term selected. Hit submit.
  • For best results, enter your preferred roommates email address. We have also provided the first and last name fields to assist you in making your roommate request. Select Begin Search.
  • Select the correct student from the list and select “Continue”. Your selected roommate will receive a confirmation e-mail that they have been selected by you. The student’s name will appear on your Roommate screen whether or not the request is matching. If you make a selection error, click the delete button next to the student’s name. They will receive an email indicating you have de-selected them.
IMPORTANT:All roommate and suitemate requests must match – all students must select each other. If you do not have all matched roommates, you will need to “deselect” them prior to going through the selection process.

Room/Suite Selection

  • Begin by selection Room Selection then Select a Room or Suite.
  • It is important for roommates to consider who will be making the room selection for the roommate group. Consider where you want to live and who has the earliest opportunity to select that location from the room section periods available to them. ONE AND ONLY ONE MEMBER OF YOUR ROOMMATE GROUP WILL BE PERMITTED TO SELECT FOR THE GROUP.
  • More than one person trying to select a room for the group at the same time bay result in an erroneous assignment and the loss of your priority for selection. Prior consultation between you and your future roommates should result in identification of the person responsible for making the room selection.
  • Once your selection time has begin, you will have access to selection until the end of the selection period or until you select a room – whichever comes first. If any member of your group selects a room, the assignment is final.
  • A list of available rooms, (gender-specific in residence halls) will be displayed when your selection time arrives. Halls that you are eligible to live in will be listed in alphabetic order.
  • In some buildings you will only see a “select room” button. Click that button to pick your room.
  • In other buildings you will see “select room” or “select suite”. If the “select suite” button is available, click this as it willgive you an opportunity to assign yourself and your roommates to any of the rooms in that particular suite or apartment.
  • Floor plans for each hall should be available by hitting the hyperlink for each hall.

Dining Plans

  • After you select your room/suite for the 2016-17 academic year, you must select a dining plan.
  • Begin by selecting Dining on the top menu, then "Select/Change My Plan". Make sure the Fall 2016 is the term selected. Only the dining plans for which you are eligible will appear after selecting "Select Dining Plan".
  • Click “Submit” when you decide which dining plan to purchase for the 2016-17 academic year.
  • After clicking submit, your selected dining plan will be displayed on the Dining screen as well as the Home screen.
  • You may come back to this page to change your dining plan up until June 1. After that, all changes must be communicated to the Department of Residential Life.