Housing Interest Form Instructions

  1. Log onto your MyHousing Self-Service account. MyHousing is the self-service system used by Residential Life, and it is where you will select your meal plan, request roommates and more. For more step-by-step guides, be sure to check out MyHousing.
2. Click on the Housing Interest Form (HIF) under the applications tab. 
3. This next section will include the Terms and conditions, you are encouraged to read them completely.
4. At the bottom of the form, sign your name using your mousepad in the box. Without signing, you cannot proceed.
5. After signing the Terms and Conditions, Form, you will be prompted to complete the HIF questionnaire. You will answer a series of questions regarding sleep and wake preferences, and building preferences. 
6. Next you be will asked to submit Missing Person contact Information, this information is not required but strongly encouraged, if you would like us to contact someone other than your traditional emergency contact. 

7. Next you will be able to inform us of your roommate selection. Once you click on Roommates/Suitemates under the Room and Roommate Selection tab. Select the correct term.

8. Enter the name of the person you want to room within the bottom section.  You can select up to three persons. Please note that you will all mutually have to be matched in order for me to place you together. 

As the top section, you will be able to see who has confirmed a roommate matching and who has not, also if you have multiple requests, you will be able to see who has not confirmed other group members.