Making Healthy Choices


Let us help you make healthier choices! Balanced U is a program designed to help you do just that through highlighting healthy foods, providing nutrition information, and creating foods in the healthiest ways possible. Each month has a special focus on functional food topics of interest to help you make informed choices for a healthy lifestyle.


Watch for the icons below at the Thomas Jefferson Dining Hall as well as the Havener Food Court for your healthy options.


Whether you are trying to maintain weight, lose weight, or just eat healthier, this 'Balanced' icon is a quick visual identifier for foods with a balance of nutrients to portion size.

This icon indicates that these foods do not contain any poulty, pork, beef, seafood, or fish. These foods may contain eggs or dairy.

The Vegan icon represents food that do not contain any animal products at all. This includes: honey, eggs, dairy, chicken, beef, seafood, or pork products.

Havener Food Court

While at the Havener Food Court, students are given a variety of healthy, vegetarian, vegan and halal options.  Some of these include:

  • Pasta with marinara or alfredo
  • Vegetable lo mein
  • Vegetable subs and wraps
  • Chicken, turkey, and ham substitutions for pepperoni, bacon, or sausage
  • Soup and Salad Bar

Thomas Jefferson Dining Hall

Educational pieces set up around Thomas Jefferson Dining Hall show how eating certain foods can benefit your overall health and well-being. Nutrition information is provided for all food and will help you to make informed choices. Here are a few of the healthy choices offered at Thomas Jefferson Dining Hall:

  • Whole wheat pasta, brown rice, baked sweet potatoes.
  • Steamed Vegetables
  • Salad Bars
  • Low-fat yogurt with fruit served on a daily rotation