Sponsored Research Group

Residential Life also offers summer housing to students performing summer research on campus.Housing is available between late May and the end of July.


Summer research groups are housed with summer school students and provided a full or partial meal plan.  Departments seeking such accommodations should refer to the Summer Research Group Reservation Form for additional details. The following check-list also provides important information as you plan for your research group’s arrival.

To Initiate Your Reservation:

  • Complete the Summer Research Programs Housing Reservation Form and return to Residential Life at reslife@mst.edu.  Reservation forms are due a minimum of thirty days prior to the start of the summer semester.

  • Remember that all students residing in the residence halls are required to have a meal plan. Review the Camps Rates page to determine the type of meal plan you’d like for your research group.

  • If research participants are responsible for their own room and board fees, provide Residential Life with contact information for group participants. Students responsible for housing fees will be required to complete a housing agreement prior to moving in.

  • Residential Life will confirm the check-in location for your group approximately ten days prior to your scheduled arrival.

Before Research Participants Arrive:

  • Provide Residential Life with a list of student participants requiring housing.  On this list, be sure to note gender as well as roommate preferences, if applicable.

  • Meal plans are active during the summer school semester.  Group sponsors may need to consider alternate food service options for students arriving outside of this time frame (see the academic calendar for specific dates).

  • Meal plan information is encoded on student/guest ID cards.  Departments are responsible for directing summer research participants to the New Student Programs Office for ID cards and then to the Housing & Dining Office to have meal plan information loaded.

    • It is helpful to plan time for this on the first business day students are on campus.  Fees and other information are available at http://pro.mst.edu/minercard/.

  • Ample summer parking is available at Thomas Jefferson Hall.  Students with vehicles will need to purchase a parking sticker from Parking Lot Operations.  Please see Parking for more information.

  • Housing rates for summer research groups do not include linen.  Please remember to include this on a packing list for research participants.  If extenuating circumstances exist, contact Residential Life for alternate arrangements for linen.