Policies and Procedures

  • Supervision
  • Room Assignments
  • Changes and Cancellations
  • Repairs and Damages




Any camp or conference group predominantly consisting of minor guests (any group with 75% of participants under the age of 18) is required to have adequate adult supervision.  To determine adequate adult supervision, the following ratios are to be utilized:


Attendees ages 6 to 10 will need one supervisor per 10 participants

Attendees ages 11 to 15 will need one supervisor per 15 participants

Attendees ages 16+ will need one supervisor per 25 participants


Residential Life retains the right to approve supervisors.  If the supervisor is deemed to be inappropriate or fails to meet supervision expectations during camp activities, Residential Life will provide supervision at the rates noted.


Supervision Requirements

If providing your own supervision, the camp or conference must meet the following standards:

  • Adult supervisors must be in the residence halls at any time there are minor guests in the hall.

  • Adult supervisors are responsible for the behavior of the minor guests at all times during their stay.

  • In addition to specific camps or conference policies, adult supervisors and camp/conference attendees must observe all residence hall policies.

  • Any violation of the residence hall policies must be reported to the residence hall staff immediately.

Curfews have been designated to ensure safety of our minor guests.  Curfew means that campers must be on their designated floor between the hours set forth by their age range.  Camps may choose to make the evening curfew earlier.  Adult supervisors are responsible for ensuring campers honor curfew.  Exceptions may be made for camp/conference programs with approval from the Residential Life Department.


Attendees ages 6 to 15:  Curfew is between 10:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m.

Attendees ages 16+:  Curfew is between 11:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m.


Camp and conference groups may choose to contract nightly supervision to be provided by Residential Life. Nighttime supervision is defined from 7:00 p.m. until 7:00 a.m. If contracting with Residential Life for supervisors, the group will be billed $25 per night, per supervisor. Residential Life supervisors will provide the following to your group:

  • Night time programming.  The number of programs or events will be determined by the number of nights the camp will be staying.

  • On-floor supervision of campers in the evening.

  • Safety rounds to ensure campers are safe and secure while in the building.  These rounds will occur a minimum of three times per night.

All groups need to be aware that if problems arise with the group’s supervision, Residential Life reserves the right to notify the Conference Director in addition to providing increased supervision to the camp at a rate of $10.00 per hour per each additional staff member. The additional supervision may be added to a camp between the hours of 7:00 p.m. until 7:00 a.m. and will be limited to the residence halls.


Conference Director

Each camp is required to have a conference director (in addition to supervisors) on site at check-in and check-out. Conference directors should expect to arrive at check-in and check-out at least 30 minutes prior to the event. In addition to being present for the group’s scheduled arrival and departure times, the conference director will provide Residential Life staff with a schedule of events and contact information for the conference director. Through the duration of a group’s stay, Residential Life will maintain this contact information in the event it is necessary to contact the conference director. If the camp provides its own supervision, the conference director is also responsible for overseeing the supervisors.


Conference directors are also responsible for making arrangements for any participants who will be arriving early or late as well as leaving early or staying late.


 Should a camp choose not to provide a conference director, one will be provided by Residential Life at the rate of $100 per day and will be billed for each day the camp resides in the residence halls.

Room Assignments

Room Assignments


The Resident Director or his/her designee is responsible for assigning rooms prior to participant arrival. When submitting a participant roster, camp directors must include the first and last name of participants, the gender of each guest, and requested roommate pairings (if applicable). While not required, camp directors may choose to include any additional information that may be helpful in making room assignments (i.e. age, school, etc.).


While Residential Life prefers to pre-assign rooms as a means for maintaining an adequate level of key control, we recognize different groups have unique needs based on each camp or conference. Camp directors who wish to assign their own participants must coordinate this effort with the Resident Director assigned to his/her group.

Changes and Cancellations

Changes and Cancellations


If your group’s room, facility or dining needs change from the information provided on the reservation form (including group cancellations), please submit any changes in writing to the Department of Residential Life no less than seven business days prior to your conference arrival.


Five business days prior to a group’s arrival, Residential Life will confirm guarantee numbers for each camp group. Groups will be accountable for charges for all guaranteed numbers.

Repairs and Damages

Replacement, Repairs & Damages


Conference groups will be charged the cost of repairing or replacing any element of the residence hall facility damaged as a result of a group’s use, including lost keys.  Lost keys are defined as any keys not returned at the time of a group’s check-out.  Camp groups will be billed directly for damages; Residential Life is not responsible for billing individual students for lost keys or damages.

Item Replacement Cost
Thomas Jefferson Key $120
Residential College Key $120 for bedroom key; $240 for both bedroom & suite/mailbox key