Holistic Community

Qualifications/Living Locations

Holistic community students sign a Holistic Contract which is an agreement to:
  • Living a lifestyle centered on wellness concepts.
  • Supporting floor members in their attempt to live a healthier life.
  • Actively supporting and contributing to the welfare of the community.

The Holistic community is located in Thomas Jefferson South on the fifth and fourth floor.


A holistic community is intended for students who have a strong interest in personal wellness. These students integrate the needs of body, mind, and spirit and prefer to live with students who have similar goals. 


  • Maintain integrity in all relationships by valuing the worth of all persons.
  • At no time will students participate in or condone any form of bigotry, harassment, abuse, intimidation or threat.
  • Focus on key wellness dimensions including: physical, intellectual, emotional, spiritual, social, vocational and environmental.


  • Students will support others by keeping a self-awareness of noise levels to not disrupt any sleep or study matters.
  • Keep mindfulness of others when hanging any posters, messages, or other media in places where others may view them that comply with community's standards for civility.


  • Emotional: Based on how an individual feels. Maintaining a healthy emotional life is important to overall health.
  • Spiritual: Process of understanding personal beliefs, values, and ethics.
  • Vocational: Taking steps to achieve career goals and planning for future professional goals.
  • Environmental: Taking care of the global environment and personal surroundings.
  • Social: Involves participation in the community and developing and nurturing healthy relationships.
  • Physical: Maintaining a healthy body. This includes exercise, nutrition, sleeping, stress management, and preventative health care.
  • Intellectual: Staying curious and engaged in learning new things while developing habits that support life-long learning.