Learning Communities

Learning Communities are residential settings that promote learning outside of the classroom. Within learning communities, students experience an environment where they learn from each other, as well as from programmatic oppotrunities. These communities are characterized by a high degree of student involvement and peer mentoring. They provide students the opportunity to further develop skills related to their own success while contributing to the learning of others.

Connection communities offer a community development approach by affording students the opportunity to shape the identity of unique, self-directed environments surrounding a common theme, issue, or interest. Connections Communities are typicalled reserved for upperclassmen and information will be provided at Room Selection.

In this learning community, first-year students enroll together in blocks of classes, including chemistry and mathematics, and live and study together in TJ. Voyager students also have special opportunities to interact with faculty and staff during review sessions and other activities.

  • Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Students must develop the ability to think creatively and develop innovative solutions to problems regardless of their ultimate career path. Whether creating new products, processes, or systems; or solving problems of the 21st centry, the ability to think and see differently, innovate, and then communicate ideas or solutions to a wider audience is necessary to succeed in today's world.

  • Honors Housing

The Honors Housing is designed for students who are selected for Missouri S&T's Honors Academy. Programming and study space is available throughout the building. As part of the Honors Housing, you will live and develop connections with other honors students through shared programs, field trips and social activities.

Residents of the Holistic Community live together in Thomas Jefferson Hall. These students focus on making healthy lifestyle choices. In this self-govered community, members sign a contract in which they agree to abstain from using tobacco, alcohol, and controlled substances in the halls and in their personal lives.

The Department of Residential Life recognizes the unique transitional challenges students face during the second year of college. The Sophomore Year Experience (SYE) program is a residential experience promoting academic success, career development, and experiential connections for second year students.

  • Global Awareness Community

Explore the world- and expand your horizons - through the Global Awareness Community. This community is designed to develop your intercultural awareness and leadership skills. You'll discuss current events and international perspectives, explore local cultural events and festivals, and discover a variety of campus, community, and global resources.