Leadership Opportunities

When you live in Missouri S&T's residence halls, you can take advantage of the leadership programs we offer, or become a residence hall community leader. To help improve your community, you can also serve as your floor's officer, join your residence hall complex council or join RHA. There are lots of opportunities to get involved - not counting hall government committees, there are more than 100 leadership positions.


Hall Government

Students will have the opportunity to get involved within their residential living area. There is a student hall government system that is comprised of elected officers and voting delegates. The Residence Hall Association (RHA) is the governing body over all of the residential living areas. Each individual living area has their own individual Hall Association which feeds into the Residence Hall Association. These organizations work to provide additional programming and events in each living area. In addition, they provide feedback to the Department of Residential Life in facility improvements, room and board rates, and Residential Life policy.

Student Staff Positions

There are a number of student staff positions that are available within the residential living areas. Holding a student staff position is a great way to gain leadership experience while enrolled. Many employers have reported that resumes of studens who have served as a student staff member within their residential communities often stand out among other applicant resumes. Bewlow you will find a description of the variety of student staff positions offered in the different residential living.

Prerequisites for RA, PRA, SRA, & HR Positions

1. Achieved sophomore status, or the equivalence of two semesters of academic work
2. Have a cumulative GPA of 2.40, which must be maintained while employed
3. Maintain enrollment as a full-time student whil employed
4. Lived in the residence hall for a minimum of two semesters

Resident Assistant (RA)

The Resident Assistant is an integral position within the Residential Life program. RAs live on each residence hall floor or community. Their role is to provide programs and support to help students succeed. They provide programs targeted to address academic success, personal development, and professional growth among other topics. They help address any issues that may come up for students during their time living on campus and direct them to the appropriate resources. One of the RA’s most important roles is it to connect with their residents in order to foster a sense of community on campus.


Programming Resource Assistant (PRA)

Similar to the RA position, the PRA position is tasked with supporting students living on campus. The PRAs do this primarily through very targeted, intentional programs that they plan and implement in the different living areas. They are tasked with collaborating with various campus offices to put on events in the halls that touch on topics that are relevant to students at specific times of the year.


Apartment Resource Assistant (ARA)

The Apartment Resource Assistant is very similar to the RA position. The big difference is the location. ARAs are assigned to Residential Life’s apartment housing options. Apartment living is very different from the residence halls as students prefer a different level of autonomy. ARAs strive to provide similar services as those offered in the residence halls. However ARAs have an understanding of the type of experience students living in an apartment setting need and want. Therefore their approach to programming is intended to foster the sense of independence that students living in these areas prefer.


Senior Resident Assistant (SRA)

The Senior Resident Assistant position maintains the same duties as an RA. However the SRA is a second year staff member who also serves as a staff mentor for first year staff members. They are responsible for assisting in training and developing first year staff members on programming, conflict mediation, policy enforcement, and community development.


Head Resident (HR)

The Head Resident position is a third year staff position. The HR supervises first and second year staff members. In addition, HRs assist with various administrative processes with the department including occupancy reporting, first year staff selection, and staff training.


Front Desk Worker

Each residential living area has front desks which serve as a point of contact for residents. Front desk workers provide customer service to students by assisting with mail, room lock-outs, equipment check-out, and contacting on-call staff in the event of emergencies.