Academic Support

Academic support is a priority for Residential Life. There are a number of resources provided to students living in the residential living areas. On this page you will find a comprehensive list of resources for students.

Study Lounges

 Study lounges are located on each floor in Thomas Jefferson hall and Residential College. Miner Village has a club house which has study spaces. Downtown campus housing is located close to campus where there are a variety of locations to study. Student lounges in the residential living areas are equipped with dry erase boards, tables, and chairs.


Learning Enhancement Across Disciplines (LEAD)

LEAD sessions are offered for a variety of courses. Thomas Jefferson hall & the Residential College offer several LEAD sessions. There are also a variety of sessions offered on campus. The LEAD schedule may be found here.

Computer Learning Centers (CLC)

 Thomas Jefferson, the Residential College, and Miner Village all have CLC's that are maintained through Information Technology. Students appreciate the convenience of having access to networked machines and printing that they may use with their university printing quota.

Faculty Involvement

 Residential Life greatly values faculty involvement in the residential living areas. Connecting students to faculty outside of the classroom promotes a sense of community on campus. In addition, these interactions allow for students to feel comfortable approaching faculty with academically related issues or concerns.