Residential Experience

By living on campus, you can get more connected to the campus community, become more successful, experience more personal growth, develop an improved sense of well-being and be more satisfied with your college experience.


On-Campus residential learning communities offer experiences that aren't available in traditional residence hall settings. Members of learning communites share common interests and goals, and constantly explore their academic and social interests. Community RAs are dedicated to promoting the success of all residents. Missouri S&T offers different types of learning communities such as Holistic, Voyager and the Sophomore Year Experience.


For students who live on campus, it is easy to find something to do. Programs include attending seminars on study skills; participating in academic review sessions; competing on intramural athletic teams; and attending formal and informal dances, poker tournaments, live concerts, and more.


Residential living creates an environment that promotes student success at Missouri S&T. Stuck on a homework problem? There is a good chance that someone down the hall can help. Don't know what to do this weekend? People and organizations throughout the halls are always planning trips and activities.


In hall government, there are more than 125 leadership positions available to on-campus residents. These positions give students opportunities to create, interpret, and enforce community policies, and develop leadership skills that are beneficial in the classroom and beyond.