Voyager Community

Qualifications/Living Location

Students living in the Voyager community enroll in similar courses, making it easy to find help with homework or to create study groups that can easily gather in the floor lounge. Participants must be enrolled in any of the two following courses:

  • Chemistry 1310, English 1120, Psychology 1101, or any freshman Math class (Math 1120, 1103, 1140, 1160, 1208, 1212, 1214, 1215, or 1221)

The Voyager community offers a variety of living and learning opportunities. Voyager is located on the 6th floor of Thomas Jefferson Hall and is a coed floor.


The Voyager Program aims to socially and academically integrate first-year students into the S&T community while promoting a pathway for professional development and career readiness with a variety of new experiences.

Academic Growth

  • Students will have the opportunity to work with faculty members outside of class.
  • Display an activeness of regular attendance and participation in their courses.
  • Students will show academic interest in courses by having at least one out-of-class discussion of ideas addressed in class.
  • Master college-level work by improving in writing, note-taking, active reading, critical thinking and reasoning skills.

Personal Development

  • Learn how to effectively balance academic work, social life, work, family, and co-curricular activities.
  • Students will be able to show their commitment to helping others through participating in at least one service opportunity.
  • Understanding how to engage with others whom they disagree with.


  • Academic Programs: Intended to promote student success by providing students with additional academic resources or support.
  • Social Programs: Help students connect with their peers and the campus community.
  • Career Readiness Programs: Designed to help students recognize professional development resources on campus and to provide a platform for transitions to the second year.
  • Community Service Initiative: Provide the Voyager Community with a common goal while promoting engagement opportunities for emerging leaders to practice managing, motivating, and leading group initiatives.