Sophomore Year Experience

Qualifications/Living Location

Students living with the Sophomore Year Experience will be housing in our Downtown Campus building, Sally Hall. This program is offered to the students that are attending their sophomore year with Missouri S&T. SYE  is based on an extension of the Voyager program offered specifically to first year students.


The Department of Residential Life recognizes the unique transitional challenges students face during the second year of college. The SYE (Sophomore Year Experience) program is a unique residential experience promoting academic success, career development, and experiential connections for second year students.

Academic Success

  • Students will learn the role of their academic advisor and how they help the students toward their graduation goals.
  • Not only will students learn how advisors lead in their graduation goals but also in their pursuit of life-long academic succuess.
  • Utilize the Student Success Center in assistance with academic as well as on-campus needs.

Career Development

  • Learn to understand professional skills that match your personality and how to use them to better your career and future.
  • Students will be taught what future employers and alumni will professionaly expect from them and how to expand on those skills.
  • Acquire the knowlegable strategies for a positive online presense when related to professional employment searches.


  • Discussion Topics: Monthly discussions held by guest speakers, alumni, and/or faculty that give students a better understanding of academic success and career development.
  • Newsletter: Monthly newsletters will be distributed to SYE students with information outlining campus resources, opportunities, and other SYE programs.
  • Social Programs: A minimum of two social activities will be offered to students to better learn how to connect with peers and the campus community.
  • Governing: Opportunities for community governance and leadership will be established amoung the SYE community.