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Camp Supervision

Residential Life staff members are available to assist campus guests as needed while maintaining a safe environment for all visitors.  In addition to providing administrative and facility support during business hours, Residential Life staff members provide emergency on-call coverage for all groups housed on campus.  Guests may also request specific camp or conference supervision by Residential Life staff members to meet the group supervision guidelines outlined below.  Please contact (573) 341-4218 for rates.


University Affiliated Groups

University affiliated groups may provide supervision as outlined below or coordinate supervision with Student Diversity, Outreach and Women’s Programs.  Please email for more information.  


Non-University Affiliated Groups


Any camp or conference group predominantly consisting of minor guests (any group with 75% of participants under the age of 18) is required to have adequate adult supervision.  To determine adequate adult supervision, the following ratios are to be utilized:

  • Attendees ages 6 to 10 will need one supervisor per 10 participants
  • Attendees ages 11 to 15 will need one supervisor per 15 participants
  • Attendees ages 16+ will need one supervisor per 25 participants

Residential Life retains the right to approve supervisors.  If the supervisor is deemed to be inappropriate or fails to meet supervision expectations during camp activities, Residential Life will provide supervision and an additional fee will be assessed to the sponsoring organization. 


Supervision Requirements

If providing your own supervision, the camp or conference must meet the following standards:

  • Adult supervisors must be in the residence halls at any time there are minor guests in the hall.
  • Adult supervisors are responsible for the behavior of the minor guests at all times during their stay.
  • Adult supervisors and camp/conference attendees must observe all residence hall policies, in addition to camps and conference policies. 
  • Any violation of the residence hall policies must be reported to the residence hall staff immediately. 

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